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ECHO Gallery & Artist Colony

3982 Cherokee Trail, Unit 10
Suwanee, GA 30024


The definition of art is “an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. With that definition in mind I can honestly say that I have been an artist of many different skills throughout my life from drawing and painting, to cake decorating and dancing. I love to create and recreate beauty to share with the world. Its like breathing; it’s what you need to live, and you can’t do without it. Somehow this passion finds its way out and evolves into a piece of art. Fine Art is to me one of the most rewarding, pleasing ways to express my representation of the beauty I see in creation.

I have been married for more than 32 years to my amazing husband. I have raised four wonderful children and now enjoy the pleasure of grandchildren. Now that I am in the empty nest season of life and enjoying retirement with my husband I have decided to pick up the paintbrush again. I am so excited to play with paint and learn new techniques and see what happens. I feel alive!

Fine Art Studies
University of Georgia
Dekalb College and University
Georgia State University