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Through tropes such as the sublime and the aura, I create a mythical world to make sense of the one I encounter everyday. Using allegory and personal narrative: myths, fables, and Biblical stories serve as a starting point whereby I create a world in which the veil between the two worlds has dissipated and the finite meets the infinite to explore life, death, and eternity. Fiction is projected into facts, creating a false narrative to communicate truths and focusing on new philosophies and structures found in contemporary art in relation to the relevancy of religious discourse.

To address concerns of religious art and to explore ways in bridging the gap between the secular and the sacred, tenants of modernism and postmodernism have been restructured in a new cultural phenomenon called meta-modernism. We as mankind are now seeking faith and hope in something. It is these facets that I focus much of my work on. My work seeks to embrace the wonder and mystery that is present within art.