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Eric Thomas Elevate The Quest


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Saxophonist | Musician | Composer | Producer

With an incomparable sound, Eric Thomas has captivated and electrified audiences all over. Based in Atlanta, GA and a graduate of Georgia State University, Eric has performed at various shows and events from Bermuda to California and everywhere in between. In every city Eric has played, he left the audience with only one question, “When is he coming back?”

Born in Miami FL, raised in Riverside, CA, Eric engages listeners with such intimate delivery of his music. His distinctive tonal quality in addition with his soulful bends allow you to not only hear his story through his playing, but you also feel the experiences and passion linked to his music. Eric possesses the rare ability to make any musical composition sound riveting and paramount.

Serious about his musicianship combined with an engaging sense of creativity, this multi-talented Saxophonist approaches the art of Jazz by fusing it with other genres and elements of music, the exploration of various time signatures, and unique textures of sound. Eric says, “I’m just a cat trying to join this conversation of Jazz. I am trying to develop my voice and a sound that inspires people and changes lives.”

Living by one principle – don’t fake it – in music, Eric only pulls from real life experiences and manages to find inspiration in the simplest mediums of sound and silence. Motivating moments in time are the key ingredients for capturing harmonic rhythms, melodic beats, and the overall soul that goes into Eric’s music.

Through unique composition, years of life experience manifests through the song selections on his debut CD, “Take it Easy”. “Take it Easy” is a collection of arrangements that reflect a new era of Jazz – a touch of Hip Hop draped with a dash of Soul. “Take it Easy” was released in June 2011 and is a must-have CD for jazz lovers all over the world.

Art Name: Eric Thomas Elevate The Quest
Category: Musician
Location: Suwanee Town Center Park
330 Town Center Avenue
Suwanee, GA 30024
Saxophonist | Musician | Composer | Producer

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